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Minimal Maintenance 


Interior Green Wall System


Where Moss Greenwalls Works Best

Moss Greenwalls works best when used indoors with controlled air conditioning, humidity levels at 25% or higher and out of direct sunlight. ​

Moss Specifics

  • Light Weight – Preserved moss is very light weight and does not require extensive support infrastructure.

  • Very Customizable – Able to be used in tight corners and curves, while also incorporating color/texture diversity in the design.

  • No Watering Required – No irrigation required.

  • ADA Compliant – Protrudes approximately 1” from the existing wall surface

  • Interior Acoustic Control – Captures interior sound movement and echo.

  • Low Maintenance – Maintenance requires 1 – 2 visits per year.

  • Inexpensive – Brings green to interior environment for a fraction of the cost compared to living systems.

Irrigation Requirements


Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance requirements are minimal in comparison to living green wall systems. Common maintenance frequency occurs 1 – 2 times per year. Common maintenance practices include possible replacement of moss patches as well as misting to preserve a soft moisture content.

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