Interior and Exterior Living Wall System


Where This System Works Best

The Greenwalls Tray System works best in controlled indoor environments.

System Specifics

  • Light Weight – 6.5 pounds per square foot with plants

  • Sub-Irrigation – Plants only uptake as much water as they need. No over-saturation occurs if watered twice a week.

  • Positive Drainage – lower levels of plantings don’t get waterlogged

  • Irrigation – 2 – 3 week watering cycles. Can be done manually or automatically.

  • Easy Transplantation – Plants can be replaced easily, and changed seasonly without intrusive processes.

  • Modular – Configure your green wall to work in any design desired

Vertical Farming

The Greenwalls Tray System allows for edible plants to be installed, where the system acts as a vertical farm as well as a green wall.

Irrigation Requirements

The Greenwalls Tray System is irrigated through sub-irrigation. Irrigation that can be hand-watered or automatically irrigated, occurs at the top row of the green wall. After initial irrigation occurs, water then drains and fills each planter below where each pot holds enough water to keep the plant irrigated through capillary action.  Watering cycle occurs every 2 - 3 weeks. 

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