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Interior and Exterior Living Wall System


Where This System Works Best

The Cassette System works well in both interior and exterior applications. For exterior applications, the climate needs to be seasonable warm. 

System Specifics

  • Light Weight – 8.7 pounds per square foot with plants

  • Stable Planting Media - Hydroponic foam, no plant will be overwatered. Promotes expansive root growth.

  • No Barriers to Root Growth - Roots can expand through entire system

  • Positive Drainage – lower levels of plantings don’t get waterlogged

  • Irrigation – 1 – 2 week watering cycles. Can be done manually or automatically. No water waste, and efficient wick system.

  • Modular – Configure your green wall to work in any design desired

Irrigation Requirements

The Cassette System requires automatic irrigation. The system irrigates once every 1 - 2 weeks. 

Installation Difficulty

Medium - recommended that a skilled builder, contractor, or a green wall specialist complete the installation.  

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